IFAT Afek-Eitam MSc
Personal Trainer Specialized in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition
| +972(0)52-3522311
Nutrition is essential in supporting personal training goals and achieving optimal health. When looking to improve health and performance, exercise and nutrition are equally as important to help you reach your full potential and ultimate goals.
Eating the wrong foods, the wrong amount, and/or at the wrong times, can undo all of the hard work you have physically done!
Your nutritional needs depend upon many factors, which I will and analyze and tailor to your own lifestyle, in order to achieve best possible results.
So, if: you are fit yet those few extra kg's that just don't go away? Or, if you just want to get into your old jeans? Or, if you are planning to achieve a better result in the next half marathon? Or, if you just want to invest in your physical and mental health and overall well-being!
These are all possible goals to achieve via personalized nutritional coaching that is truly long lasting & ENJOYABLE!
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