IFAT Afek-Eitam MSc
Personal Trainer Specialized in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition
| +972(0)52-3522311
I have an A Master of Science degree (MSc) in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. I am certified Personal Trainer (Level 3) and Gym instructor (Level 2), gained at Premier Training International in the UK together with the National Academy of Sport Medicine, USA. I am a qualified Nutritional Adviser and a International Ski Instructor (Level 2).

The above practical and academic skills and experiences allow me to fully understand your physical, physiological and nutritional needs and develop an exclusive program for you in order to achieve optimum results.

When working together we will utilize a wide range of training techniques and simple equipment, which will add excitement and variety to our sessions and will make exercise stimulating and fun.